Our Vision                                                                                               

To be an ethical organization united to deliver excellent customer service through the years.

  Our Mission                                                                                            

A. Customer
    To sustain commitment on total customer satisfaction and continuous .

B. Employees
    To promote unity of values among all levels in keeping a safe workplace
     towards personal and professional growth.
C. Environment & Community
    To effectively manage environmental management system in preserving
     the environment for the benefit of the entire community.
D. Suppliers
    To be a valued customer maintaining a healthy relationship geared
     towards obtaining quality products and services.
E. Stockholders
    To provide return of investment by realizing business with utmost 
     integrity, competence and productivity.

  Corporate Values                                                                              

H - Harmonious relationship
P - Passion and commitment for excellence
C - Customer as our number one priority
C - Competitiveness

  Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy                      

HPCC commits to effectively implement, constantly review and communicate to all employees and interested parties, its QESHMS as an integral part in providing quality plating, painting and anodizing services through :

H - High productivity with efficient utilization of resources

P - Prevention of pollution and incident

C -  Compliance to applicable legislation, customers and other requirements

C - Continual improvement




Valued Customers

Facilities and Equipment
P L A T I N G    C E B U   C O R P O R A T I O N

To cope with the increasing demand and satisfy the varied quality requirements of the customers, the company has continually improved its services, facilities and equipment.

Environment and Community

In the recent years, Halsangz has prepared itself for the fast changing surface finishing demand of the metal and plastic industry.  It has continually ugpraded its machinery, systems and trained its staff professionally in all levels of the organization to suit and sustain a competitive edge in the industry.

Trainings and Seminars

Halsangz Plating Cebu Corporation was established in 1994 by its president, Mr. Haruhiko Nagasaka. Since then, it has become an excellent support service to the electroplating and painting needs of the international investors. Its operations is controlled by highly trained and competent workforce.